On Thursday, April 20th, Camp Fire Alaska hosted a special event in recognition of Child Abuse Awareness Month. The event was an opportunity for youth program members and staff to come together and raise awareness about the importance of a healthy home foundation.



The highlight of the event was a skit performed by some of the youth program members and staff. The skit explained the foundations for a healthy home. It was an engaging and entertaining way to share this important message with everyone in attendance.



In addition to the skit, the kids also created a beautiful mural of their families. This was a great opportunity for the kids to express their creativity while also recognizing the importance of family. Two guest speakers, Meghan Boltz of Camp Fire Alaska and Eliza Posner of Alaska Children’s Trust, took a moment to share important words about safe spaces and giving youth the support they need.



The event also featured snacks and drinks served by the youth to the attendees. It was heartwarming to see the kids take on this responsibility with such enthusiasm and pride. Their customer service skills were truly remarkable, as they were even making beverage suggestions to guests between which sparkling water flavor they felt was best suited for their flavor palette. After all their hard work, the kids got to celebrate with a pizza party!


Top row left to right: Julie (Anchorage School District), Sarah (Alaska Children’s Trust), Kevin (United Way) Bottom row left to right: Chris (Chester Valley Principal), Leslie (Anchorage School District), David (Child in Transition), Eliza (Alaska Children’s Trust), Beckham (Child Care Licensing with State of Alaska Department of Health)


Family members of the youth were invited to attend, and the event was well-attended by members of community organizations as well. We were honored to have guests from Alaska Children’s Trust, Anchorage School District, Child in Transition, State of Alaska Health Department Licensing, United Way, and Chester Valley’s own Principal. We even had a special guest appearance from our favorite Camp Fire marshmallow!



Overall, the event was a powerful reminder of the importance of coming together as a community to support healthy families and prevent child abuse. We are grateful to everyone who attended and helped make this event possible, especially Chester Valley Elementary School.