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Champions for Children


We are excited to be hosting our annual Champions for Children Breakfast on Thursday, November 9, 2023 from 7:30 am-8:30 am at the Dena'ina Convention Center. Hosted by our CEO, this event brings together an audience of community members, partners, and donors to learn about and share in the mission of Camp Fire and to show them how they can have a positive impact on youth and families. Funds raised during this event go directly to our mission to provide opportunities for youth to discover the best in themselves and others in a fun, safe, learning environment. This includes support for scholarships, ensuring more youth have access to safe and enriching before and after school programs, chances to attend summer camp, and opportunities to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

It has become increasingly clear that safe and reliable care for youth in our community is vital. Camp Fire Alaska provides opportunities for youth to grow and thrive, and ensure that all youth have access to our programs no matter their financial situation.

We are grateful for the incredible support of our partners and donors.

This event is open to anyone who would like to attend. We do not sell tables or tickets for the in-person event, rather we secure sponsors to cover the cost and we recruit volunteer Table Captains to invite their friends and colleagues to join them for breakfast to learn more about Camp Fire’s mission.

If you are interested in attending the annual Champions for Children Breakfast or in being a Table Captain, reach out to Melissa Williams at

Help us exceed our goal of $180,000!

If you can't attend the event, but would still like to support Camp Fire Alaska, you can give your gift anytime between now and November 30 to help meet the goal.

Meet our 2023 Table Captains

Thank you to all of our amazing Table Captains who help to make this event a success. Their dedication and commitment to Camp Fire Alaska and kids in our community is inspiring!

  • Katelyn Armstrong
  • Katie Bates
  • Amanda Biddle
  • Monica Bradbury & Audra Vernon
  • Katherine Burrill
  • Glenn & Pam Cravez
  • Kaylee Devine
  • Jadee Draughn
  • Sean Elder
  • Steve & Jan Fishback
  • Sezy Gerow-Hanson
  • Jodi Gould
  • Anne Geuss
  • Matt Hirschfeld
  • Melanie Hooper
  • Randy Johnson
  • Anna Kohler
  • Kevin Lubbers
  • Jason Lyons
  • Tom Martin
  • Tom Mason
  • Cheryl Mattson
  • Kathleen & Mike McArdle
  • Kendalyn McKisick
  • Shannon Metrokin
  • Adrianna Muir
  • Danny Rauchenstein
  • Theresa Rinehart
  • Rachel Rodriguez
  • Kristen Roberson
  • Ruth Rosewarne Kimerer
  • Stephanie Rossland
  • Victoria Shaver
  • Jenny Stucky
  • Tamie Taylor
  • Tiffany Vassar
  • Melissa Webber Williams
Our Champions

Champions for Children Society Members make a five-year pledge that sustains operations, builds a strong foundation for youth programs, and provides a stable future to youth and families in Alaska.

Katie Bates

Eric Billingsley

Justin and Katherine Burrill

Amy Costello

Jennifer & Don Deitz, Alaska Career College

Ray Dinger

Michael Divens

Lisa & Bob Doehl

Jadee Draughn

Barbara Dubovich

Sean Elder and Erma MacMillian

Barb Ervin

S. Lynn Erwin

Steve & Jan Fishback

Heather Flynn

Nichole Gifford

Irene Gobeli

Tim and Jodi Gould

Carmen Gutierrez

Josie and Jack Hickel

Matthew Hirschfeld

Melanie & Jesse Hooper

Randy Johnson

Gwen Kennedy, Ph. D.

Mary Knopf

Elstun Lauesen

Diana Lopez

Kevin Lubbers

Keith Manternach

Debra Mason

Thomas Mason

Eric McCallum

Erin McKay


Jake Metcalfe and Moira Smith

Shannon & Jason Metrokin

James Miner

Rhonda Oliver

David & DeAnne Rand

Kerry Reardon and Buzz Scher

Christina Rodriguez

Barb and Bill Rosetti

Ruth Rosewarne-Kimerer

Michele & Michael Schuh

Sherrie & Jack Simmonds

Alex Slivka

Luz Smeenk

Tamie and Paul Taylor

Bob and Carol Waters

Weaver Bros.

Melissa & Tyrel Williams

Walter & Audrie Williams

Lynn Wolfe

Thank you to our generous sponsors
The Camp Fire Alaska main office operates on the ancestral land of the Dena’ina people. Camp Fire Alaska runs programing on the lands of the Athabascan, Yup’ik, Chup’ik, Sougpiaq, and Inupiaq peoples. We value and thank them for their current and historic commitment to and protection of this land. We pledge to assist, in partnership, in the environmental stewardship of these lands. We strive to learn more about the history of the Native peoples of Alaska and the historic trauma they have suffered. We commit to being an active ally through activities, actions, and organizational decisions and practices. We understand that this is a dynamic process through which our Land Acknowledgement practices, and statement will evolve as we receive feedback from tribal partners and acquire a deeper understanding of and from the Native peoples of Alaska.